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Corporate Travel

For those who travel as a part of their job, home sometimes feels millions of miles away. At the Mayor’s Mansion Inn, we pride ourselves in bringing the comforts of home to those traveling for business. Our inviting rooms provide a welcome break from the sterile feeling of the hotel environment while still offering similar amenities. Our competitive weekday rates from Sunday through Thursday night, with parking and breakfast included, make travel for business purposes economical.



Less than a three-hour drive from major southeastern cities such as Nashville, Atlanta, Knoxville, and Birmingham, a one-day meeting is a cost-effective way to have the face-to-face communication that every multi-location business needs from time to time.

Rates include a private room, wireless internet use, lunch and drink station, and no charge parking. Should some of your staff need overnight accommodations, there are 11 rooms/suites available.



From our three-course breakfast or a casual lunch, to elegant five-course dinners – dining is our specialty for you and your colleagues and guests. We offer exquisite dining options in Chattanooga, TN, making an excellent setting for a corporate event!

Receptions and social gatherings at the Mansion are personalized to fit your organization. Whether you want a formal and sophisticated dinner in our beautiful dining room or a casual corporate affair on the patio, rest assured we will meet your needs.



Does your company require overnight accommodations several times a year or provide lodging near downtown Chattanooga for business associates or executives on a periodic basis? Do your employees deserve the gift of an overnight or weekend stay?

Let the Mayor’s Mansion Inn be your choice for consistent, excellent care of your corporate guests with a corporate contract, or give the gift of a luxurious stay to show employee appreciation!