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The Chattanooga Room


Chattanooga Room, ” is all things hip.” This room was previously updated to be the owners aprartment. It now is serves a multipurpose, with the living space acting as our 3rd floor lobby, unless the room is being occupied by you. In which case the lobby becomes part of your sole use. The lobby is however, also an emergency exit in case of fire.

The sleeping quarters completes the “hip vibe”. Sleeping a queen sized bed, you have a definite “studio” feel; including a large 55 inch flat screen TV. This is the area where your personal belonging are kept.

We have used all the angles of this 3rd floor room to create cozy nooks, as you can see in the pictures.”  should come after ‘This is the area where your personal belonging are kept.

Its a great space for people traveling with a third person.
CHECK-IN is from 3:00 PM to 9 PM EST. After 9 PM arrival, call to make arrangements (423-265-5000). CHECK-OUT is at 10:30 AM EST.