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Desert at bridal showThe Chattanooga Bridal Show was just about the happiest place in town last Sunday. Our Bridal Shower and Bridal Luncheon Packages received quite a bit of attention from the MOBs and MOHs that came through!  We give a “BEST WISHES” to all the Brides and their families and friends we met and to the crowds who took the opportunity to tour the Inn that day.  “Good luck and great bookings” to the many vendors we met as well.

The picture is of our delicious wedding cakes (courtesy of Jackson Bakery) and the bouquets we used in our booth to show the traditional bride AND the nontraditional bride that the Mayor’s Mansion Inn may be just the place for that small and elegant wedding.




CakeNow to St. Patrick’s Day (a little early).  We celebrated at the Inn this weekend serving Guinness Stout Dark Chocolate Brownies (thank you Allrecipes) and Shepherd’s Pie for breakfast on Sunday, the empty plates that came back said we honored the spirit of the day!








People dressed for St. Patrick's DayMark O’Ladd and his lass, Cindi, say “Happy St. Paddy’s Day to one and all!”