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Christmas at the Inn – it’s just one of my favorite times! We “deck the halls” as well as pretty much anything else that is stationary! A few businesses have made us their “go to” for their annual Holiday party to celebrate the successes of the year. Each year, we have two or three Brides that want all the magic of Christmas as the backdrop for their Big Day. Finally, with the shopping, hustle and bustle of the Season, some couples get away for one cozy night with wine and truffles or hot cocoa and cookies to let the stress melt away and enjoy being together for Christmas in Chattanooga.

Christmas decorationsOffice parties-food and fun! Since I love to cook for large crowds, these folks let me help them choose a menu, they give me an estimated number and everything else is handled by the Inn. No one in the office is worrying about food deliveries or decorations in addition to their normal work load. We take care of the details. I get a big chuckle out of the ones that just CAN”T let go because we are making it so easy! My favorite buffet is a fresh citrus salad with our Innmade vinagrette, parmesan encrusted chicken and peppered pork tenderloins with m’rooms in a wine sauce, smoked gouda potatoes, haricot verts (that’s just a fancy name for tender green beans) with lemon butter and our Inn’s fresh vegetable casserole topped with croutons. Desserts are varied but many will choose cheese cakes, mint mousse, apple bread pudding with bourbon-maple sauce and the list goes on.

The Weddings in the Inn, especially at night, with the trees glowing and candles lit (did I mention we have 10 trees at the Inn?) just radiate elegance and romance. Bridal cakes with creamy white butter icing and red velvet cake, deep red roses playing against the ivory gowns, champagne bubbles dancing to the top of the flute-umm! The Guests arrive in their best party attire and soft melodies play as the doors swing open for their arrival. Christmas weddings are truly magical!

There’s a reason couples and friends get so stressed during the holidays-they miss each other!! So many things to see, do, attend-no one gets to connect and just “hang out”! The Inn offers a solution for that-get away for at least ONE night. Slip away and don’t tell anyone where you are headed, then come to Chattanooga (if you don’t live here already!) and “innjoy” a night at the Inn.

As Fall’s crisp air arrives (this year later than sooner) our thoughts are already on what a truly blessed place we are privileged to be in-right here at the Mansion. It is like traveling in reverse and each year continues to be filled with new successes and friends. Have a great day, hug someone you love and find your way here to the Mansion in December!

Mark and Cindi