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Are you considering a first time bed and breakfast experience?   Here at the Mayor’s Mansion Inn, we want to make this a fun and easy adventure to add to your Chattanooga visit!  What I’d like to talk about today is the “bed and breakfast” experience here at the Inn. We get questions from novice “b and b-ers” often and I thought we might be able to answers these questions before they get asked by first time bed and breakfasters.

First and most frequently asked is, “Do I have to share a bathroom?” That is actually a legitimate question. We have stayed in places where you have to share a bathroom with other quests. (It wasn’t a big deal for us, but, I can see there are situations where it could be a problem or make someone uncomfortable.) Of course, the answer for the Mayors Mansion Inn is that all eleven rooms have their own private baths.

Another question we get is this: “Do I have to eat breakfast with ‘strangers’?” Our Tiffany dining room is set up with one table that can seat four or more Guests, however, the other 7 tables in the room are just for two-think cozy bistro. But, again, this is a legitimate question. I have been to b and b’s where you do, in fact, sit at a big sort of community table. Frankly, we have enjoyed that sort of experience when we have encountered it in our travels. But, at a romantic Inn, the focus of your time with your sweetheart is to be alone. Here at the Inn, it is generally pretty easy for those folks who want to keep the focus on each other to “stay to themselves”. And, we also offer “en suite” breakfast for a slight upcharge.

Lastly, “are there TV’s in our room”? Yeppers. It may not be a TV like you are used to at home or in your favorite sports bar (no 60 inchers as we have generally tried to hide the TV in an existing piece of furniture), but, certainly something you could catch the news with!! All of them have DVD players and most are capable of connecting to your laptop or other portable devices (just your cable). We keep a small collection of DVD’s AND our wireless Internet connection is secure and free.

If you have other “newbie” questions about your stay at “The Mansion”, give us a shout. We’d like to make sure that your experience with us sets a high level of expectation for the next Bed and Breakfast stay. And, by the way, all eleven rooms are different. So, when you’ve stayed here once, you  have 10 more rooms to try.