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Blue Herring

An excellent shot of a Great Blue Heron on the riverwalk, taken by one of our fabulous innkeepers!

Having been in a business several years ago where I sent out a quarterly newsletter (via snail-mail), I thought that it might be time to leap into an electronic version for our Bed and Breakfast (OK, since blogging has been around a while, I guess I’m catapulting myself into the late 1990’s or early 2000’s—technology wise!!).

The thing that is on my mind this day (currently 37 degrees F outside) is something near and dear to Chattanooga’s identity—OUTDOORS! I’m sure there is something about the recent cold snap that is making me wish for an early spring. However, I did bundle up in my best cold weather gear earlier today to explore a portion of the South Chickamauga Creek Greenway, along which I had never been.

Realizing that cold weather may not be what attracts people to Chattanooga’s outdoors, I’d like to help spread the word about the joys of exploring miles of walking, jogging, and biking the Greenways and the linear park called the Tennessee Riverpark we are blessed to have around us.

The Riverpark has been around over 20 years. It goes from Ross’ Landing (near the Aquarium) over 8 miles to the Chickamauga Dam, right alongside the Tennessee River. There are several restrooms and water fountains along the way and a “self-serve” bike repair station. The facilities and trail are very well maintained and the trail is a wide paved surface. BTW, there is a 3.5 mile expansion approved and underway going the opposite way from Ross’ Landing over toward the base of Lookout Mountain.

Signal Point, TN

A view of the gorge from the Signal Point Hiking Trail. Ask your innkeeper for directions!

The Greenways range from the North Chickamauga Creek with its mixed use asphalt, crushed rock and grassy trails to the asphalt trail atop the levee called the South Chickamauga Creek Greenway. There are other segments left for me to discover, each one a new adventure.

You can find several sites which describe the various trails in and around Chattanooga. One site that I just discovered is called Oh, and one more thing. I often send our guests to the TVA Raccoon Mountain area. On the outskirts of Chattanooga, this facility is like driving through a park as you wind over 5 miles to the top of Raccoon Mountain. The views are spectacular. There are also hiking and mountain biking trails. From the Visitor’s Center, you look over the Tennessee River Gorge, sometimes called the “Grand Canyon of Tennessee”.

We look forward to having you stay with us at the Mayors Mansion Inn when you visit “the Scenic City”. Bring your bike and we will store it for you in our ballroom!

See ya soon!