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Romance, flowers, champagne, truffles and luscious berries – we dish those up in Chattanooga every week at our bed and breakfast Inn, but hard-core, stick-by-your-side love? THAT you have to make for yourself!

This young couple in Seattle, in just two snapshots, can teach us a lot about love. The young man is only 31, a nurse himself, but on the “other side” of all the medical attention. Battling AML- a really nasty form of leukemia for the 3rd time in a year and a half-he has, yet again, come to terms with the chemo aftermath of losing his hair. As you can expect, Valentine’s month celebrations are rather limited in a clinical setting when you need to stay away from germs and bacteria. And broth, malto-o-meal and jello do not a romantic dinner make! In true “guy” fashion, however, and with probably a little assistance, he has shown his love for his beautiful wife of two years by “gifting” her with his “heart-art”.

His wife wrote the following when she sent these pictures to us: “Contrary to popular belief, cancer isn’t all fun and games, buuuuut sometime’s you gotta make your own fun :)”

We salute this brave man and his devoted wife today by sharing with you a small part of their difficult journey. In the interest of full disclosure, this is my handsome son-in-law (hair or not!). If you feel that sharing this story with someone who has been struggling with relationships or illness would be helpful, please share it with them.


Mark and Cindi Ladd