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Weddings and any celebration surrounding them (dinners, teas, weekend stays surrounded by friends and family) bring out the romantic side of the Mayor’s Mansion Inn Bed and Breakfast. Chattanooga is a fun-filled little city to use as a backdrop for your Wedding Day or to celebrate your Anniversary any time of the year, but the most romantic month of all has to be February.

Why February? Well…………..

  • Baby, it’s cold outside!! What better excuse to snuggle up to a handsome Groom or a beautiful Bride.
  • It’s a short month so there aren’t that many days to choose from to call your Big Day.
  • Red! I love red and, while I’m sure there are scientific explanations for all that, my gut reaction is RED! Hot, vibrant, alive Red! A bouquet of red roses says it all against the lace and satin of a flowing bridal gown.
  • Can’t forget St. Valentine Day on February 14, which most of us are celebrating the weekend of February 9 and 10 (go check the website, there’s a special package just for that weekend). The creamy dark chocolates, beautiful flowers, cards, chocolates(did I say that twice??) are anticipated and gathered for that special someone that rocks your world.
  • Those pesky January diets are now over and you can enjoy a huge slice of your wedding cake.
  • Let us help you “Almost Elope” here at the Inn in February!

A question I recently got from a Guest was this, “If you are so busy setting the stage for romance at the Inn, when do you two celebrate?” “We do what most hospitality people do…..we just wait until March.” This year, it’s tickets to see Steve Martin and Martin Short, last year I surprised my husband with his first experience at Alleias (fine italian in a casual friendly setting) and the year before that a very special dinner at Easy Bistro, the year before that…you get the idea, we like to eat and we love to laugh!

Come see us, if you know someone who wants to say “I DO” in February (or any other time) point them our way, if you just need a little respite from your busy routine, check out our Winter Bed and Breakfast Packages and enjoy a little “down time” here with us. Hug a friend, call your family, let them know you are thinking about them.